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Things to Consider

Things to consider when hiring a contractor

When hiring a contractor you should ask these questions:

-         How much experience does he have?

-         What kinds of projects has he done?

-         How does he run his operation and a project (debris control, weather protection, etc.)?

-         Does he have the proper license to do the work you are considering?  Licenses carry classifications “A”, “B”, “C”.  The classification has to do with the assets the contractor has not his ability to perform work.  The license also has a designation which allows the contractor to do certain types of work.  Not all contractors have a designation to do all types of projects.

-         What kinds of insurance does the contractor have and what are the limits of coverage?   The more insurance a contractor has means the safer the customer is in the event of an accident and/or an injury.  Contractors that don’t carry worker’s compensation insurance because “they aren’t required to” will put customers in a financially responsible position if a worker is injured.

-          What do the contractor’s financials look like?  This is a hard question for most customers to ask.  A contractor with a weak financial picture may get into a precarious position with his suppliers if the job gets strung out due to weather or labor problems.  Class “A” contractors are supposed to have stronger asset positions.  However, cash is the only asset that can be used to pay bills.

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